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International Internships

GAOXUN is also committed to helping international students and graduates  fulfill their career ambitions. Since 1993, we have been successfully placing  students and graduates in internships with host companies. With our offices in the U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia, we are able to support students and recent graduates with an industry-based  learning program that will help them to achieve their life aspirations.


The purpose of the GAOXUN Internship program is to provide students and graduates with a practical and professional learning experience in a reputable company. All internships are tailored to meet each individual’s needs and aspirations. GAOXUN employs strict monitoring procedures to ensure that satisfaction is achieved.

In addition, we offer a range of support services and networking options to ensure that each candidate is able to enjoy all that the internship experience has to offer.

Applicable Experience

We recognise that today’s rapidly changing workplace requires professionals to  be confident in adapting to new and sometimes challenging situations. Our  programs are designed to enhance and develop the skills that will support  students and graduates achieve success.

GAOXUN partners with organizations that share the same values and ideals. We  understand the modern importance of internships and practical work  experience in the job hiring process, and have designed internship programs  accordingly so as to ensure each participant receives the appropriate training  and experience desired, and in many cases, required to meet academic course  Criteria.


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