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We at GAOXUN strongly believe in the importance of capacity building as a critical process for all organisations. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to providing world-class consulting services through cooperating with experts in all fields. Our strong working relationships with industrial leaders, premier institutions, and development agencies as well as our experience working with the World Bank allow us to provide experts and academics opportunities to be involved in developing cutting edge and effective solutions to achieve sustainable development. Through our relationship with key government agencies and academic institutions, we offer high-level projects to qualified professionals.


We cordially extend an invitation to all experts in all fields to become part of our network. Experts affiliated with us are provided with information and opportunities to become involved in projects that suite their specific skill. We are committed to matching experts with suitable clients throughout the whole world, thereby assisting both members of our network and the world at large through the efficient allocation of expertise.


If you are interested, please click here to provide us with your contact information.


Consultation and Placement


GAOXUN also offers project consulting and arranges training services with technical experts in an 

extensive range of fields. We have coordinated many exchange visits and investigation tours of delegations from different countries and produced marked results.


Our consultancy experience includes work with government departments, key decision-makers and corporate executives of different countries. For these top-level clients, 

we routinely arrange training tours and capacity-building programs from all over the world. 



GAOXUN’s extensive network is capable of connecting even the most seasoned technical experts 

with new and meaningful career experiences. We ensure that the traveling process 

goes smoothly through customised itineraries. Contact us now so that our professional 

team may provide you with information and leadership opportunities.

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